Easter CD

Easter CD

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A CD from Anna Gallos and The Evangeline Singers


1. Kontakion (Plagal  IV): Ti Ypermaho (O Theotokos, Invincible Champion) Chant—men only

2. Kontakion (Plagal  IV): Ti Ypermaho (O Theotokos, Invincible Champion)
Harmonized version—men and women

3. Kontakion (Plagal  IV): Ti Ypermaho (O Theotokos, Invincible Champion)
Original melody in D minor by Petros Maneas (circa 1930)

4. Theotokion (Mode III): Tin Oreotita (The Beauty Of Thy Virginity)

5. Troparion (Mode II): Ton Stavron Sou (Veneration Of The Cross)

6. Kinonikon (Plagal IV): Esimiothi Ef Imas (Communion Hymn)

7. Kinonikon (Plagal IV): Evloyimenos O Erhomenos (Communion Hymn)

8. Megalinarion for the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great (Plagal IV):
Epi Si Heri (All Creation Rejoices In You)

9. The Lord’s Prayer

Holy Week 

Excerpts from the Nymphios Service (Plagal IV): 

10. The Great Allilouiarion

11. Idou O Nymphios Erhete (Behold The Bridegroom Comes In The Midst Of The Night)

12. Doxastikon (Plagal IV): The Troparion Of Kassiane.  Recorded at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Baltimore, MD   Joanne Gallos, Mezzo-soprano

13. Prokimenon for Holy Thursday: Ina Ti Efriaxan (Psalm 2—Why Did The Gentiles Rage)

14. Antiphon (Plagal II): Simeron Kremate Epi Xylou (Today Is Hung Upon The Cross) Gus Letras, Tenor

Excerpts from the Lamentations (Good Friday):

15. (Plagal I): I Zoe En Tafo

16. (Plagal I): Axion Esti

17. (Mode II): E Yennai Pase  O Gliki Mou Ear (My Sweetest Springtime, My Sweetest Child)
Ann Sophocleus, Soprano

18. (Plagal I): The Benedictions Gus Letras, Tenor

19. (Mode IV): The Doxology (abridged)

20. (Mode IV): Trisayion Asmatikon Constance Dourakos, Mezzo-soprano

21. Apolitikion (Mode II): Ote Katilthes (When You, The Immortal Life, Descended To Death)


Excerpts from the Resurrection Orthros:

22. Doxastikon (Plagal I): Anastaseos Imera (Day Of Resurrection) Ends the Orthros

Liturgical Propers—Mode I/ Plagal I:

23. Megalinarion: O Angelos Evoa (The Angel Cried Out)

24. Kinonikon: Soma Christou (Body Of Christ) Communion Hymn

25. The Resurrection Troparion—Christos Anesti (sung three times like Eei To Onoma Kyriou)
Replaces the last hymn of the Liturgy: Blessed Is The Name Of The Lord

26. Sermon: The Catechetical Homily of St John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople
Recited by John Gallos

27. Christos Anesti (Christ Is Risen) (English)

28. Christos Anesti (Christ Is Risen) (Greek)

29. Christos Anesti (Christ Is Risen) (Greek)

Price of this CD is $20.00 (including postage and handling)

TO ORDER:   Email, phone or mail in your orders to

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1 Baratra Court, Apt. 103

Timonium, Md 21093-1860

Phone (410) 308-0188

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